The processing steps

From “RAW” to “COOKED”: the semi-finished ceramic product

GEM GUARANTEES that the semi-finished product is kept in optimal conditions in all stages of its processing up to storage in the warehouse.

GEM follows and guarantees all phases of the processing of the semi-finished ceramic product; from the raw clay to the mold, from the molding to the finishing of the piece.

From the “raw” piece to the “cooked” piece as soon as it comes out of the cooking oven, the semi-finished product is always kept in optimal conditions that respect its material and shape, this attention to all the details of the processing phases in order to always maintain the best conditions for the semi-finished product, it is essential to obtain an excellent finished ceramic product without defects.








The drying phase of the semi-finished product is very important, after the clay molding phase and before firing it takes place strictly naturally:

This attention to every detail is an added value of GEM’s production and guaranteed by a brand of experience and quality.

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